If you’re new to Tolkien’s languages and scripts, I have two articles for you to read first:

Basics of Tengwar for Tattoo Seekers

This article covers what you need to know about Tengwar and Tolkien’s languages before you get something tattooed permanently onto your body.

Basics of Tengwar for Tattoo Artists

This article is something to give the person who will be inscribing or tattooing the Tengwar text, to make sure they make it legible, now that you’ve done all of that hard work in making sure it says what you want it to say!

The cost is $5 a word, $20 a sentence in Tengwar. Translations are charged separately from transliterations, but their prices are the same. If you want both a translation and a transliteration, of a word, it’d be $10 instead of $5.

All translation and transliteration requests are free for $20 monthly donators!