Fiona Jallings



Hi there! I’m Fiona Jallings, the head translator of RealElvish.net! I’ve been studying Tolkien’s languages since I was 15 years old. In the process I ended up with a degree in linguistics, and a goal in my scholarship emerged. I want to make Tolkien’s languages accessible to non-linguists.


When I started out, one’s choices in sources to study from were either scholarly linguistic-type texts or the efforts of well-meaning amateurs who didn’t have the background to understand the material. I started out as one of those amateurs. But now, I’m at the other end, trying my best to give people access to this scholarship without having to learn linguistics first.

Over the years I’ve done thousands of translations, making me one of the most fluent translators out there. Because I started working with fanfictions, I developed a unique approach – focusing on the dialects for different groups of characters, while before, the focus was on communicating with fellow fans.

Most of my work is available for free on RealElvish.net, but I’m charging for custom translations to help support the free material.

TL,DR: I’m an experienced, professional translator, and you’ll get high quality translations from me.